Kindle Paperwhite Review, Walkthrough, and Screen Comparisons

The Kindle Paperwhite is the first ebook reader from Amazon to incorporate a frontlight for reading in lower lighting conditions. The light also gives the screen more of a white appearance than previous Kindles, hence the name Paperwhite.

Quick Review: Kindle Paperwhite


  • The LED frontlights and E Ink display combine to make the Paperwhite’s screen readable in all lighting conditions.
  • It feels well-built and comfortable to hold, and the design is much improved over last year’s Kindle Touch—it’s thinner, better balanced, and doesn’t have an overly-recessed screen for the IR touchscreen anymore.
  • The Paperwhite has a few exclusive software features that other Kindles don’t have, including additional font types, a reading progress estimator, and instant translations.
  • Amazon finally added the option to view your library as book covers on the homescreen instead of just a list.


  • The frontlighting isn’t perfectly uniform across the screen, and some screens show discolorations in certain lighting conditions.
  • Amazon removed all audio support on this model, including text-to-speech, and also cut the storage space in half from last year’s Kindle Touch.
  • The black outer casing shows smudges, crud, and dust more than previous Kindles.
  • They made the screensaver ads more annoying by requiring you to swipe the screen to bypass them after hitting the power button to turn the Kindle on out of sleep mode—it’s a two step process now, and gets irritating after a while, even if you want the Special Offers to get deals.


It’s hard not to be a little disappointed with the Kindle Paperwhite given the fact the lighting isn’t perfectly uniform across the entire screen and there’s no longer any text-to-speech or audio support, but at the end of the day it’s still my favorite E Ink Kindle that Amazon has released thus far, because from an ereading perspective it can do all the things the other Kindles can, with the added benefit of having a screen that is readable in low light.

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Kindle Paperwhite Review, Walkthrough, and Screen Comparisons.

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