Humanitarian Access Practitioners Manual and Handbook. Conflict Dynamics International.

Conflict Dynamics’ Humanitarian Access Initiative supports humanitarian practitioners and others toward the objective of contributing to improvement of humanitarian access in situations of armed conflict. The Initiative combines expertise in negotiations with a comprehensive methodological approach to humanitarian access

The Government of Switzerland and Conflict Dynamics have together launched two new publications related to humanitarian access:

Humanitarian Access in Situations of Armed Conflict: Practitioners’ Manual, Version 2


Humanitarian Access in Situations of Armed Conflict: Handbook on the International Normative Framework,Version 2.

These practical resources address today’s challenges in securing and sustaining humanitarian access. The resources have been developed under an initiative of the Government of Switzerland with support from Conflict Dynamics. A Consultation Group –involving the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – has guided and actively contributed to the resources through all stages of development.

The Practitioners’ Manual and Handbook are designed to assist humanitarian practitioners in structuring their approaches to access in order to achieve greater humanitarian impact in situations of armed conflict.  The resources are also intended for people in need of humanitarian assistance and protection themselves, officials of affected States and national authorities, parties to armed conflict, international organizations, and donors who support humanitarian action.

For further information on this initiative, including dissemination and uptake opportunities, please contact us or visit and (French).

sourse : Conflict Dynamics International, Inc..

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