You Know You’re Greek When… The Easter Edition


Go ahead, admit it. We’re strange. Our neighbors think we slaughter animals in our basements and believe we are members of a secret society when they see us pulling up in our driveway in the middle of the night holding lit candles. Here are some tell-tale signs that YOU are Greek… The Easter edition.

101506665630932021) You can masterfully drive and balance an open flame in your car…

photo (25)2) Somewhere on your house, you have the number of crosses burned representing the number of Easters since painting your home last…

lamb3) There is absolutely nothing wrong with opening your refrigerator and finding a whole lamb carcass… excuse me while I grab some milk… (Thanks Steve Livaditis for the photo)

4) Your call “their” holiday “American” Easter, as if you are from another country or planet.

5) While most of the civilized world prays for Christian unity so East and West can celebrate Easter on the same day, you don’t, taking particular joy in your candy being half off after “American” Easter has passed.

6) You feel a bit guilty and radical dying an egg or two anything BUT red.

7) Speaking of eggs, you’ve had one cracked on your head, usually by a big bullying brother

101506675574032028) You find it perfectly “normal” to take a selfie with a poor helpless dead lamb that is roasting on a spit in your back yard.

9) Speaking of lamb and back yards, your neighbors think you are barbarians and are running in panic looking for their dog Spot when they look out their window this morning.


sourse: You Know You’re Greek When… The Easter Edition – The Pappas Post.

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